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Pipa Class for Children @ July 30, 2011


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  1. 24th February 2012 at My uni has something like O-Day (I know it’s prablboy o for organization , but I thought orgasm day at first, sorry. ). We call it Festifall. I always avoid it though because it takes up the entire Diag and makes it really hard to walk to class, plus no one ever gives away anything. I didn’t go my freshman year I walked through it on accident because I had forgotten it was going on. This year I purposely avoided it. Maybe if I was interested in joining a club I would go, but I don’t have time for that kind of thing. Remember when I was supposed to be in charge of Musvot? Yeah.My dad used to get free tickets to the International Auto Show every year he did work on something for it, so I used to request to go to it for my birthday. My brother and I would run around sitting in the cars and taking as many car catalogs as we could. We actually did used to sit down and look through them all afterwards. After a few years of that, half my bottom shelf was taken up by car books , as we called them. Those things were skinny too so that was quite a feat. I guess I got rid of them when we moved.Clean your desk!! I need to clean mine, too. You can always tell when I’ve been busy because my room gets really messy. I’ll clean it this weekend. It needs vacuuming, too. It’s gross.

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