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Kids Programme-儿童绘画


We believe EVERY KID IS AN ARTIST, we offers so much more than just painting a portrait or drawing some fruit.

Learning experts insist that education in the arts ensures an enriched cultural appetite, stronger analytical skills and higher achievement in other subjects.

Art cultivates imagination, teaches children how to problem solve and strengthens the right brain. Unlike much of the curriculum in which correct answers and rules prevail, in art, it is judgement.

Art teaches children how to slow down, appreciate color, sensation, texture, emotion and feeling.

Art nurtures the whole child and this strengthens our children’s ability to make solid judgements about qualitative relationships.







After 5+ years dedicated to children art education, we are now in the progress of developing the new InnoArt Drawing Programme, major changes will be:

  • extend and deepen the art area.
  • classify the InnoArt programmes into 7 groups:

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