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Seize the Golden Opportunity


Seize the Golden Opportunity

Brain development – during the early stage of growth, help your child to develop his / her right brain which has a bigger capacity than the left brain and to achieve a balanced growth.
Personal development – Help your child to develop his / her potentials, gain greater confidence at various stages of growth; raise his / her IQ, EQ and CQ.
Skill development – Help your child to effectively acquire various personal skill, ie expression, writing and thinking skill
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一个人所拥有的脑神经网络越多,脑子就越聪明.值得注意的是人在早期教育的时候, 既4 到12 岁左右,脑神经网络的形成是最活跃的时候,大脑已经成熟80%以上.思维绘画就是在这个关键期以画画对儿童进行心智与脑能训练.为了孩子将来的成功,作为父母一定要牢牢抓住孩子一生智慧成长的黄金时段.

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