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开发智力, 启迪人生,学习围棋,陶冶情操。





围棋是高级知识分子喜欢的汇集策略性和脑力竞争性一体的艺术体育活动。通过学习围棋,孩子的心算,逻辑和思考能力都会得到训练和提升。 让孩子从不同的角度看不同的局势,寻找解决的方法。

Weiqi is often labelled as a strategic game for intellectuals, or a mind sport for competitive purposes.  Training the mind in terms of calculation, rationalizing and critical thought, weiqi enables Children to see situations from different angles, contemplating possibilities and finding creative solutions in the process.

InnoWorld Weiqi Programme

围棋入门班/(英语/华语授课)  Elementary Weiqi (Go) Class,

Age: 5 year above and P1- P5 students

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Our teaching method in the weiqi  classes is specially developed for beginners. Our approach is to translate the abstract weiqi principles into clear images formed by lines and graphics.  We teach beginner to understand weiqi even before they play game! The beginner not only understand the point of life and death problem, but also quickly understand more advanced skills, such as deciding what is the direction of play and what interactions are important.  In the course, weiqi knowledge, stories and interesting game are interspersed, and the learning become fun and interesting. Also, we guide students to explore the various thinking processes of imagination, memory, and decision making in the classes. We will cultivate the student with the habit of focus, observation and reflection, those habit are critical for their future success.



Our weiqi teachers are recommended from Singapore Weiqi Asscoiation (SWA). Our weiqi teachers have many years teaching experience to teach weiqi lessions in preschool children and local primary school students.  In the class, we use the most updated training materials recommended by SWA, and we will have many interactions and activities with SWA.

Class Schedule

Weiqi (Go) Class   (English / Mandarin) ,围棋班/(英语/华语授课)

To ensure the learning quality, we offer small learning groups  capped at 6 persons per class. 为了保证教学质量,每班限收6位学员。

 #04-05 Parkway Centre, 1 Marine Parade Central; (S)449408

elementary  class  入门班 (Sat) 1:30-2:30pm  (Sun) 9:30-10:30am

小班授课, 课后达到 25级水平 

fundamenal class  基础班 (Sat)  10:30-12:00 am    2:30-4:00 pm


Upper fundamenal class 基础进介班 (Sun)  11:00-12:30 pm




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