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Gongbi Painting-工笔画


The gongbi style had its beginnings approximately 2000 years ago during the Han Dynasty (206 BC – 220 AD) when Han’s political stability and its prosperity favored the advancement of the arts. These paintings peaked out between the Tang and Song Dynasties (7th to 13th centuries) when these refined paintings were endorsed and collected by the royal families of China. To perfect this style the gongbi artists must totally commit themselves to these techniques. Only the wealthy could afford such artists. This style of art was accomplished in secret in royal palaces and private homes. Gongbi is one of the oldest Chinese painting techniques that feature narratives or high authority figures in them..

Gongbi(工笔画)– Traditional Chinese realistic painting

Innoworld Fine Arts is the only art center offering professional training class on Gongbi painting in Singapore.

Traditional Chinese realistic painting , or called Gongbi painting (工笔画), is specailly characterized by fine brushwork and close attention to detail .  It is an art form in which unique Chinese brushes are used with ink and color on rice paper or silk.  Gongbi painting is opposited to the freehand brushwork (写意)in traditional Chinese painting which is characterized by vivid expression and bold outline. Gongbi painting is not only beautiful , but it is also calming and enjoyable to people.

There are three main categories “figure”, “landscape”, “bird and flower” painting in learning Gongbi painting . All the categories will be taught in our class. Our goal is to  introduce the foundations and techniques of authenic Gongbi painting.

Gongbi painting is one of the key subjects in our Adult programme, headed by Grace Liuhuimin, famous artist in China, who possesses 10+ years experience in art education. This enable us to provide the top quality Gongbi painting course.


 Gongbi Painting (工笔画)Programme

The basic Chinese Gongbi painting class focuses on the fundamental techniques of Gongbi painting –drawing fine lines using small ink brush; applying ink and color in layers. This class has no language proficiency requirement and are open to the public (adults 16 years of age or older).




Basic: Every Mondays,Friday

Intermediate: Every Wednesday,Thursday.

Syllabus: Basic Chinese Gongbi Painting syllabus


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