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InnoWorld Sketch-素描


The art of drawing sketches is at the core of every effective figurative image, whether it’s a loose three-minute drawing, a tight resolved three-week drawing, or an obsessively observed and reworked three-year painting.

Learning how to sketch is a fundamental skill for all artists. Keeping a sketchbook is essential to gather inspiration and explore new creative ideas. When working on a new piece, your initial sketch drawing establishes the overall proportion of your object, quickly fixing the mood, the sweeping action of the pose, and the underlying rhythms of your composition. Correctly capturing the gesture of your models serves as a foundation that keeps all of your later, detailed observations vital and alive.

S ketch is one of the key subjects in our Western Art Division, headed by Professor Shang, famous artist in China, who possesses 23 years experience in art education, and was ever sent by Chinese Government to lead and conduct art programmes in Yemen for 5 years. This enable us to provide the top quality Sketch course, our professional teachers will make the class fruitful and interesting.

InnoWorld Sketch-素描 Programme

Composition screen of proper size and position, basically accurate proportion, can express object tones by simple brightness and darkness.
Single geometry sketch with proper composition, can depict the basic body structure, proportion, light and shade with a certain sense of perspective.
More complete composition, better use of color to depict an object, clear color contrast, can show good sense of light and form a certain tone.

Sketch of single still object with proper composition, can accurately show the structure, proportion, shading and perspective of the object; show somewhat texture and tone of the object. More complete composition with accurate modeling in general, can grasp the relationship between colors, can show good sense of light to form image tones, understand the initial approach of color sketch.

静物组合写生,构图比较完整,能大体表现出对象物体的形体结构特点,比例透视准确,能用轮廓结合明暗塑造体积空间,能表现出一定的光线关系,物体的质感较 强,色调层次恰当。构图比较完整,造型比较准确,能主动运用色彩表现对象,能较好处理画面色彩关系并表现出色相冷暖和色度对比,画面色调和谐,对不同质感 有所刻画,初步掌握色彩的写生方法。
Sketch of combination of still objects, more complete composition, can show the general structural features of the object, the perspective of accurate proportion; can shape the contours of the objects with light and dark; can show some relationship between lights with strong texture and appropriate tone levels of the objects. More complete composition, more accurate modeling, can take the initiative to use color; can better handle the relationship of image colors and colors contrast with harmonious tones; can portray different textures and master the preliminary approach of color painting.

Sketch of half facial plaster, picture of basic integrity, can grasp the features of the proportion of the object and the right head shape with appropriate level relationship between shade and tone; to acquire the basic technique of half facial plaster with proper composition, integrity and style; can grasp the basic object shape features with clear color tendency and rich color coordination; can better grasp the techniques of color sketch.


Sketch of plaster head with proper handling of composition, can show the basic image features with right and clear spatial relationship of head, neck, shoulders and chest; can master the basic techniques of plaster or portraits demonstration.
Complete processing of composition, accurate specific modelling, can better show the physical structures, space relationships, and texture characteristics with clear color tendency and rich color coordination; can better grasp the color sketch techniques of still objects.

人物写生,动态形体把握准确,构图得当,画面完整,能较好的刻画形体特征和精神面貌。头、颈、肩、胸等大体结构关系正确,塑造肯定、有力,色调、明暗层次 概括明确,能熟练掌握素描表现技法,作品有一定的特色和感染力。 构图处理完整,造型准备具体,能准确描绘表现物件的形体结构、色彩冷暖、空间虚实等关系以及质感特点等,色彩丰富协调,色调明确和谐,能熟练地掌握色彩写 生的表现技能。
Sketch of characters with an accurate grasp of the dynamic shape, proper and complete composition, can better characterize the physical and mental outlook. Correct structural relationship of head, neck, shoulders and chest, works with certain characteristics and appeal. Complete processing of composition, can accurately describe the physical structure of objects with clear color tendency and rich color coordination; can be proficient in the skills of color sketch.


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